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The item number can generally be found both on the packaging and the product. It usually consists of 3 letters followed by 4 numbers (ie: RRR6001)

A hyphenated, alphanumeric serial number, typically formatted as: 5 numeric digits - 6 numeric digits - 2 letters (ex: 18006 - 120318 - WW). This number is printed on the bottom of the product (or, for a multi-item set, on the bottom of one item in the set - usually one of the larger pieces), or on the sewn-in tag of a stuffed/plush product. It is also printed on product packaging (usually on back of packaging or bottom panel). NOTE: This is not the same as the Item Number, which typically begins with 3 letters. If you cannot locate this number on the product or packaging, please enter "Unknown".

The UPC is printed on product packaging. Please add if you have the product's UPC.

Enter your order number if purchased from If not purchased through our website, please enter RETAIL for your order number.

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